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At Organized Zone Inc. we transform your living space to functional order.
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About Us

We have been organizing, decluttering, moving, packing, unpacking and managing stuff since 2001. We are here to make a positive change in your personal space. Whether you are moving, have hoarding issues, paper management problems, physical and time restrictions, going through a rough time, my team and I will transform and manage your needs.

We have a reputation for providing outstanding professional organizing services. We provide the highest level of customer service. We have seen it all and we do not judge, We are here to make a positive difference.

Let us get things started! Feel free to send us some confidential photos of your space prior to an appointment. Book today a free 15-minute consultation, for more information about our services and to discuss what we can do for you.  


Outstanding!!! I knew after my first conversation with Brenda that she was the right person for the job. Her compassion, drive for sustainable results and a custom organizational plan that can be maintained was exactly what was needed in this intensely stressful hoarding situation.


The organized zone team were gentle, efficient, pleasant, patient and understanding every day of the project. The "before" and "after" are truly amazing and I can't truly say that anyone else could have accomplished what Brenda and her team did in the time allotted. She's a "game changer". A heartfelt thanks to Brenda and the team!

Roxann Ritchie


Brenda and her team at Organized Zone changed our lives. They made our house organized, logical and thus more livable than ever. They listen to their clients needs when it comes to making everyone's home feel like their own.


They offer unique and flexible options to create organization strategies for every unique household. They are also very flexible in how they work and schedule their time, making it easy to work with them. I can't imagine having done this work on my own. A huge thank you to the whole team at Organized Zone - I would highly recommend them.