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Turn A Crash Pad Into A Home

Updated: May 12, 2021

When we started this project, it was challenging because the owner didn’t hire us, his mother did. He didn’t want us touching his stuff. Our hands were tied at the beginning, so we did a lot of “organizing therapy” with client and son, to get things moving. Things were very sensitive to say the least. If I was aware of the full spectrum of the situation before we signed the contract, I would not have taken on this project. We tackled the least personal areas first. Starting in the storage room, decluttering and organizing to make room for the excess stuff in the condo. By removing and storing the keepsakes and non used boxes that were in the condo we carved out much needed space by having only what was needed for everyday use. Professional Organizers naturally are skilled at starting and finishing puzzles and many times that’s what our projects are. Finding the next piece and placing it where it belongs with the perfect fit. All the clues are there, we just have to focus one piece as a time.

Turn a Crash Pad

In the end, besides the emotional ups and downs, power struggles with mom and son, the condo was transformed. The mother wanted the best for her son and her intentions were good. For the best results on a Organizing project I would recommend hiring an a professional organizer only when everyone is on board and in agreement. This goes also for someone who thinks it a good idea to tackle a spouses stuff or friends without their approval. Organizing and declutter can be very personal and can be invasive so being aware of the physical is one aspect and the other is the emotional component. They go hand in hand. There is a difference between cleaning and organizing. When you clean a space it gets dirty again soon and it’s short term. When you organize a space you are creating a system that has a long lasting effects. You are the best person to decide to organize your space and if the project is bigger than you are, that is the time to seek the help with a professional organizing company.

Happy Organizing, send me your comments and questions.