December 1st new beginnings and reflection

I love the feeling of starting fresh, having an opportunity to make a impact on the course things might go. As a professional organizer I’m a planner and that might go against the saying ”man plans and God laughs”. We Plan with execution and that brings a wave of calmness and order.

November was an incredible month at organized zone. We worked with the most incredible people. It’s a privilege to be invited into the lives and homes of people, learning about their love stories, travels and sad times. Every item we see has a story, it’s either meaningful or not.

Working with our clients is a process of moving on, whether we are decluttering from a depression, or packing up for a move, settling in for a growing family, restructuring family life, downsizing contents and simply looking for help and guidance with the transition.

Here are a few candidate photos of work in progress.

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