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Spring Clean In 10 Minutes

Updated: May 16, 2021

When things are organized, there is more time for this.

Ever wonder what the purpose of spring cleaning is? Why we do it? And why there is a coined phrase “spring cleaning”.

I guess everyone has an opinion on this or not. For me “Spring Cleaning” is important because the purpose is to live life to the fullest. Contrary to some people it is not about spending hours cleaning dirt, or being an obsessed neat freak.

Not having to waste time looking for things so you can be enjoying the lovely outdoors is what everyone wants. This means being able to run out the door to walk to dog or take out the garbage and not having to rummaging through the front hall closet for your canvas slip ons that are buried underneath winter shoes and boots. Taking 10 minutes and boxing up the winter footwear, labelling it and placing it in a remote spot for next year, will help you gain space and time. While you are working on the closet, be mindful of the items that did not suit you. You might aswell, put those personal rejects that are in good condition but not for you in a bag for donation and the ones that are killed in the trash. Now that the bottom of the closet has loads more room, it’s the perfect time to do a sweep and a fast wash of that area.

The next few minutes of free time you want to utilize efficiently for spring cleaning, continue with the hall closet and box up the winter accessories, like hats, gloves, scarfs and say good-bye to orphan gloves. Wipe out and place your sunscreen, summer hats and other lighter weather accessories.

This is all for the purpose of enjoying spring and summer to the fullest. You will no longer waste time being disorganized looking for things every time you leave your home.

It is little 10 minute projects like this that saves us hours of frustration and converts to enjoyment. Spring cleaning doesnt have to be a full overhaul or something so daunting that you just rather not start.

Try out a 10 minute spring cleaning project on gardening tools. You will be ready and inspired to garden just when the moment strikes you.

Even something as simply getting ready for barbecue season, cleaning and maintaining the BBQ. You can call a company to do it for you a big time saver but it will cost you $$ or you do it yourself, have you disposable gloves ready. Reducing utensils and gagets you don’t use will make things easier when grapping your favourite flipper. Last minute entertaining and dinner will not only be possible but easy.