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Amazing Transformation Starts With A Call

Updated: May 12, 2021

The process of amazing transformation starts when I receive a call or an email for help. I have been in the organizing and decluttering business since 2001. Many of my clients connect with me when something big has happened good or bad. A divorce, a new marriage, blending a family, a new baby, a new business, financial stress, selling a house, sickness, death, winning the lottery, tragedy, flooding, hoarding, renovation, addiction, depression, moving, relocation and the list goes on.

When people ask me what we do, it’s not accurate to say I’m a professional organizer, a clutter coach, or a therapist, we do so much more than that. I like to think of myself as a compassionate “fixer”. Whatever the situation is, we can fix it, we have the experience and resources to improve any situation. Last week an old client from about 5 year ago called for a serious family situation that was seeming hopeless. She being resourceful herself, remembered my team and asked if we would work on a hoarding situation. And with great enthusiasm we look on the challenge for an amazing transformation.

I am always with gratitude to my team of amazing organizers, specialty cleaners, off site storage facility, junk removal guys, movers, shredders, laundry pick up service and G-ds help. I get tremendous satisfaction when an opportunity arises to make a significant positive change. Within a week, the house was transformed to clean, uncluttered, organized and livable. A clean environment can be so healing. If you need or know someone who needs to hand off a tough situation to the pro’s, call the “fixers”, professional home and office organizers 4164144124.